Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities in the Video Entertainment Group

Currently, we are looking for up to 100 girls in Ukraine for our ASMR project.

Our studio in Kyiv Ukraine located in the center of the city is facilitated with modern equipment and has an online registration system.
The following criteria will get you pre-selected;

  • You are a beautiful young ladyBecome Artist
  • Between 18 and 40 years
  • Love the camera
  • You are extravert
  • Not shy to make sexy movies (No Sex/Porno)
  • Speak minimum intermediar English
  • Speak another big international language
  • And you love to make good money?

If you have long hair that is a big plus!

Write us an email to with the following information:

  • Photos in nice sexy female clothing, bikini and lingerie
  • Video maybe from earlier works
  • Social Media Accounts

Show us what you can do and we show you how to make money fast and become artist!

NOTE: Good Money is depending on sales. Sexy videos sell the best, so your performance determines how much you make.

In general it is no problem to make 1-2000$ per month with aproxemately 10 hours of work per month. So 100-200$ per hour!

How do we work:

  1. You send us the email with the requested information as mentioned above.
  2. We check your info and see if you are fit to do the job.
  3. In case we refuse we will tell you politely to look for another opportunity.
  4. If we like your performance, we register your as an artist and send you an email with al the details.
  5. After ID confirmation you will get the login to see how the system works. All transparant for you to see what sells and for how much.
  6. Once registered you will start making test videos in order to understand how the content should be recorded.
  7. Once you are comfortable with the system and recordings we start recording real ASMR videos.
  8. We will make you a member of our special Facebook page behind the scenes.

Below you can see what is the maximum timeline you can expect to make money.

Become Artist

Thanks for reading our artist page and we hope to hear from you soon.