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Photography & Video

The Video Entertainment Group facilitates in shooting photo & video productions in multiple studio’s or on location. Our team provides a professional approach to shoot or record you media on a very affordable tariff.



Our casting team can provide you a full cast for any production within the local environment. We currently have a database close to 150.000 actors in all kind of categories which are available on sets in the area. Please contact us for any production you have in mind.

Design & Editing

Our professionals in the design & editing department make sure your production comes to live as you had it in mind. With our large team of in house and remote employees we create and edit almost any type of photo & video type.

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What else we provide?

Global marketing

Since we also work with a large group of marketing professionals we provide extra service in order to promote your content globally.


Because of our large network in the area we are able to partner you up with local companies in our line of industry. If you are interested in products or services connected with our work we source the people to match you with.


For many years our team has developed new concepts in various industries. If you are in the process of setting up a new concept or business let us know and see if we can make a difference.

Video Entertainment Group

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What our clients say

Hi my name is Max and I live and work in New York USA. I worked with the team a few times and can only say, they do make a difference…

Max CEO Future Video USA

Guys you did an amazing job for us thanks so much. We had some hiccups in the beginning but the where resolved fast… Good work!

Tom Producer Videoland The Netherlands

Our Work

Who we are?

The Video Entertainment Group is a young team of professionals looking to combine talent between East and West. Our strong connection with the former USSR countries bring us;

  • A large network in this area
  • A big pool of young fresh talent
  • High quality models and actors
  • Very competitive pricing


About us

The Video Entertainment Group started to develop their plans in 2013 when the Eastern Countries became more close to the EU. With this in mind we expected to have access soon to large pool of young talent in this area. The plan came to live in 2016 when the ties with countries like Ukraine became more strong and likely to partner up with the EU. Since this year visas have been redrawn for the people from Ukraine and they are free to travel back and forward to Europe. This gives us the opportunity to start working with this pool of talent and set up the business for the future. We just launched our first project in Ukraine with a slightly new and unknown subject, ASMR video. We expect to have about 50-100 artists involved in this project by the end of the year. More renewing concepts will follow…

To see more about our ASMR project visit: https://www.asmrvideogirls.com

Presentation ASMR Video Girls